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Game Title: Escape The House

Hey Folks, This is our first Game Project, so, if there is some bug or error, please tell us in the comment section.

Synopsis :

A young boy is trapped in some creepy house, now he is trying to escape with all his skill. There is no escape in the house, but.. there is hope for everyone who tried..

A horror game take place in a dark house. It is a mix of horror & puzzle genre & filled with many surprise. It is a run and chase event as well as original puzzle solving mechanism that you will never seen or experienced in other games!

Warning : This game may suffers from grammatical or spelling error & some content may not be appropriate for some players.

Game design : - Mahdianto
Music : - Eric Matyas (Soundimage.org)
Script : - TimeKeeper
- Jap dudes
- Dubealex